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Tonique is now pleased to offer Calgel nail enhancements. Calgel is formulated from a blend of organic chemical compounds, which produces a unique styling product that enhances nails - safely.

Calgel is flexible, durable and non-toxic and allows your natural nail to respire and strengthen beneath its revolutionary formula.

•        Natural nails will look fabulous!                       •        Tips will feel and look more natural!

Enhancements will not chip or wear off and can be removed easily without harm to your natural nail. Nail polish can be applied over the Calgel and be removed without affecting the enhancements.

Sound too good to be true?

Why not try it? - see and feel the difference!

Available as overlays, tips and sculptures; French, Clear and Colour manicures. It’s stunning on toes too!

If required, natural nails can be extended with Calgel without the use of tips. These are known as ‘Sculptures’.

The Calgel Nail System is a comprehensive range of nail care and enhancement products and treatments centred on Calgel, which is applied by brush after a little buffing to the natural nail.

After application, Calgel is cured for 30 seconds for clear or 3 minutes for colour under a UV light. Once cured the gel becomes a thin nail-like substance - natural looking and extremely flexible like real nails, but strong and durable without looking thick and false.

A wide range of nail colours and designs to suit your particular style, taste and requirements can then be applied onto this surface.