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Proprietor: Toni Hopkins MFHT, MICHT, MIIST, MIFHB

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This type of waxing demands skill and confidence as well as trust and compassion between the Client and the Therapist. Toni is well trained and experienced in all areas of intimate waxing. For Example, Bikini, Brazilian, Playboy, Hollywood and Male Waxing such as Male Brazilian or Male Hollywood etc.

Speciality waxes that are specifically designed for your delicate areas, help to minimise any irritation that you might experience, and the structured method of treatment that Toni recommends ensures that the best results are obtained with the least amount of discomfort.

With prolonged Intimate Waxing, as with any other waxing treatment, clients will notice a change in the nature of hair re-growth as the hair becomes sparser and much lighter and finer. This less coarse hair makes future hair removal faster and more comfortable.

A consultation is essential and is always necessary before a course of treatment, where the procedure can be explained to you in detail and any questions that you have can be answered. Please call Toni to arrange a consultation and discuss the various options.

Intimate Waxing