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Proprietor: Toni Hopkins MFHT, MICHT, MIIST, MIFHB

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‘No Hands’ Massage

As a ‘No Hands’ massage practitioner, I have undergone an extensive, highly specialised training programme that has taught me various ways to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury on my joints and muscles (A condition often associated with Bodyworkers.) As a result of my training I have learned, and can perform new techniques involving the ‘No Hands’ approach, and the results are amazing!

Deeply relaxing and powerful, ‘No Hands’ massage is extremely effective in allowing my clients to unwind and release tension. It also facilitates, ‘postural unlocking’.

The evolution from traditional massage to ‘No Hands’ massage has led me to using my own body weight and forearms to achieve the deeply penetrating results that makes this type of massage so effective.

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