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The Benefits of Massage for Babies and Infants

•   Promotes relaxation and can help induce

    deeper, longer sleep.

•   Aids digestion and elimination and can

     help relieve colic and constipation.

•   Helps relieve congestion and aids

     respiratory function.

•   Soothes and comforts - helping to relieve

     trauma and anxiety.

•   Encourages muscular co-ordination and

     joint mobility.

•   Enhances development and sensory



•   Stimulates and strengthens immunity and


•   Stimulates the skin therefore improving


•   Enhances the development of


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The most natural form of healing begins in our hands. Positive touch between Parent/carers and their children is a nurturing and reassuring form of non verbal communication. It encourages and strengthens bonding whilst helping to stimulate a child’s development.

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Children with a strong bond of attachment are better able to cope with fears stress, worries and frustration. A strong bond of attachment will help children to develop trust and a sense of security that helps them to rely on other people.

Baby and infant Massage can encourage and enhance communication between child and parent/carer by a mutual exchange of physical and emotional expression. This is not "just another therapy", it is a perfect opportunity for parents/carers to share this loving art of communication with their children in the most natural way known to us - through the power of positive touch.

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